Dymanic Point Count Super Strategy for Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Hold'em Dynamic Point Count Super Strategy

The Dynamic Point Count Super Strategy can put you in charge of any Texas Hold'em game! The Strategy is specifically designed to win, in your home game, on the road, in online poker rooms, or in the casino!

Easily determine the probability of having a winning hand!

Win more, lose less, and avoid being bluffed!

Dynamic Point Count Super Strategy for Texas Holdem Poker

With a minimum of practice, using this Strategy you will minimize your losses, avoid chasing losing hands, and maximize your winnings. This Strategy is designed to increase the probability of having the pre-flop winning hand, no matter what two cards you hold, the number of players, or the number of calls or raises. Eliminate tilting or steaming from your game! This new strategy can even help to protect you against bluffs!  Play Holdem with confidence!   This strategy will improve your game!

Know when to fold, call, raise or even re-raise!

The Dynamic Point Count Super Strategy takes every facet of Texas Holdem Poker play into consideration: your hand value, position value, small blind, big blind, stakes, bluffs, calls, bets, raises, re-raises, types of players and even the overall table action!

The Dynamic Point Count Super Strategy for Texas Hold'em was developed by computer statistical analysis and successfully tested on thousands of poker hands in actual play. The Strategy is designed for ease of use and requires absolutely no formal statistical training to apply. When the Goren Point Count System for Bridge was introduced, it revolutionized the game. Now it is the universal point count system for bridge, and players use it to value their hands before bidding and playing. The Dynamic Point Count Super Strategy is based on the same principles of mathematical probability. 

Your point count Dynamically Adjusts based on the Table Action!

No other point count system can match this feature! Your point count is continually easily adjusted based on the actions of the other players. After each player acts, the Dynamic Point Count Super Strategy can advise you whether to Fold, Call, Raise or even Re-Raise!

This Strategy can easily be learned in less than an hour. It is simple and easy to apply. There are NO complex mathematics, formulas, calculations or large tables to memorize. And even though you will not be likely to need it, the Strategy includes a printable quick reference card for use online, at your home game, or in the casino.

Betting systems strategy Poker Blackjack Craps FootballThis Super Strategy comes from the DoverPro, a top developer of a number of statistically valid systems and strategies for gaming and betting advantage players, and a 25 year Texas Holdem poker winning veteran player.

Dynamic Point Count Super Strategy comments:
(from a buyer survey for the second edition)

"I love it! It still amazes me how well it works in online tournaments. I paid for the book in two days, lol!" Rick C. Michigan

"...your system changed my game for the better, I seldom get bluffed now at my weekly home game......and I find I win more than before." Eric H. Illinois

"Wow! It really works! I now finish tournaments in the money more often than not." Ron C, Florida

"....tend to play much better now in online ring games, and make money in them....your system makes it easy to be patient... and I rarely get bluffed anymore..." Chris P, Texas

"After a few weeks at my home game they asked me if I had been taking lessons, I said no, just taking your money, the system works great!" Leslie W, California

".......I won the first time I used the system..." Elise O, Washington

".... too easy, I felt like I was stealing, honestly....Ashley K, Michigan

Can you answer these Texas Hold'em questions?

Do you know how to predict a player's action based on the way he stacks his chips?

One of the most common Tells! Find it in our Tips on Tells section, along with a dozen other Tells. And how to determine of a player is using a False Tell on you!

Do you know the most likely winning hands?

Read the summarized Table listing the most likely winning hands at tables of 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 10 players. Statistically determined dynamite information!

Do you know the odds of making a flush or straight after the flop?

With the Tables for a 4-card flush, 4-card outside straight, and a 4-card inside straight, after the flop, and after the turn, you will know the probability of making that flush or straight! The Table even includes pot odds!

Point Count Super Strategy System   Do you know the odds of winning with two Aces?

The Strategy provides the exact odds of winning at tables of 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 10 players! You may be surprised to learn how often this best starting hand can lose! And the odds for every other hand, too!

Do you know what you MUST watch for BEFORE playing online?

The section about playing online is invaluable! A MUST read for any player! Online poker rooms can be dangerous! Learn what to avoid! Find secret cash bonuses!

Do you know the little known advantage of being the first to act after the flop?

The pros know this one and use this deadly strategy successfully against beginning players! Learn how to spot it! And more important, learn how to use it yourself!

Do you know how the odds of receiving any one starting hand in Texas Hold'em?

Do you know why high pairs are less valuable at full tables?

Do you know how to select the best table? The best seat? The best game? Point Count Strategy System Texas Holdem Poker

If you answer 'NO' to any of these questions, act now! The Dynamic Point Count Super Strategy can provide all the right answers for you! Start raking in the chips now!

Special Bonus Items! Includes valuable playing strategy information!

Secrets of winning Texas Holdem Sessions - not available anywhere else!

The Art of the Bluff in Texas Hold'em - spot them and use them!

Sizing Up the Other Players - how to tell the fish from the pros.

Tips on Tells for Live Games - some great tells here, found nowhere else.

The Art of Slow Play in Texas Hold'em - When to slow play - and when NOT to!

Understanding Pot Odds - figure out your odds of winning fast and easy.

More Bonus Items

Tips from the Pros! - great advice from great players.

Playing in Online Games - how to win online tournaments and ring games

Money Management Tips to Double Your Bankroll FAST!

Poker Point Count System Strategy    Statistical Data Tables

Texas Hold'em Winning Probability for  Every  Starting Hand - for 2,3,4,6, 8 10 players

Odds of Making any hand after the flop, on the turn and on the river.

Most Probable Winning Pre-Flop Starting Hands for Texas Hold'em

Plus more statistical tables you must know to develop a winning game!

Reference card included, simply print it out and carry it with you!

28 fact filled chapters!

Special SUPER Bonus items!

The Blackjack Betting Trigger!

A Dynamite Strategy to Beat the House at Blackjack! The blackjack betting trigger is a statistically determined specialized betting opportunity that gives you an advantage over the house up to an average of 11% - and sometimes even higher!  It is NOT  a progressive betting system, and NOT a double up or triple up system. No bet is made that is more than three times your base bet. No card counting is required!

Calculated Craps, A Winning Betting Strategy! One player who used Calculated Craps wrote that " it worked so well, it is hard to believe it is legal!" 

When our Calculated Craps - A Winning Betting Strategy, was first released it met with immediate success. The system was widely used in many casinos in Las Vegas and then in Atlantic CIty. Calculated Craps soon became so successful that some casinos tried to make changes to the basic game to try to defeat it. As soon as they did, we analyzed these changes, revised the strategy and it still worked!  And this is where Calculated Craps delivers your betting advantage!  

Right now many online casinos are highly vulnerable to Calculated Craps! The system is proving incredibly powerful at these casinos! But once they discover how powerful this strategy is, you can be sure they will make some changes just as the land based casinos tried years ago.

Beat these casinos to the punch! Get Calculated Craps NOW!

The Blackjack Betting Trigger and Calculated Craps are both now included with the Texas Holdem Dynamic Point Count Super Strategy !

Full refund on the purchase price! Win or lose!

That's right, if you are not satisfied, we will refund your purchase price. Pay for the ebook using PayPal.  Use the Strategy for 30 days with play money or real money. After that, report back to us how the Strategy worked for you. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, you may request your refund. You will receive a PayPal refund payment equal to your purchase price of the Dynamic Point Count Super  Strategy! (Note: S&H fees are not refunded, only the purchase price!)

Of course we hope that you will be pleased with the materials in this ebook. And we also hope you will win with the Strategy and not want your purchase price back! The DoverPro is absolutely confident that you will be pleased with the Dynamic Point Count Super Strategy and the many Bonus Items. In any case, we want you also to have this confidence and our total assurance that the Dynamic Point Count Super Strategy is all that we say it is and much, much more!

Start winning at Texas Holdem Poker today! Stop guessing what to do at the poker tables! Play with confidence and assurance!

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The Dynamic Point Count Super Strategy for Texas Hold'em was developed over a period of one year by extensive computer statistical analysis and has been successfully tested on thousands of poker hands in actual play. The Dynamic Point Count Super Strategy and the other information contained in this offering was compiled for and is provided for amusement and education only. No guarantees, other than as stated within this offering, are expressed or implied. The authors do not condone gambling other than for amusement or entertainment, and the authors further caution that gambling can be addictive to certain individuals. If you think you have a problem with gambling, please contact Gambler's Anonymous at www.gamblersanonymous.org for more information or assistance.

Proudly Produced in the USA!
USA Dynamic Poker Point Count System


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