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That's right, you can get paid to read email! This site pays you to read ads and then click to a site. The pay is not much, but the idea is to refer other people, and they also pay you for the emails your referrals read. The site is designed to be a traffic generator for websites, and it works for the websites as well as for you! Enroll there, then sign up as many others as you can, and you can make some serious money on the site. High volume of emails!

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Another great site for paid email, and other chances to make some money. They start you off with $5 just for signing up, and then send you email to read and click, and get paid! There are also several other types of making money on the site! Another site that also pays for referrals, so sign up all your friends here too! This one has been the biggest of the pay sites for us, and just keeps getting better!

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Another website trafiic builder, they send you quite a bit of email, and pay you for each one you read and click to the link. Your earnings appear with each email, so you always know where you stand with them.  They have a very good referral program, so sign up all your friends for this one, too!


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