Blackjack Betting Trigger system strategy

Blackjack Betting Trigger!

A Dynamite Strategy to Beat the House at Blackjack!

Shift the Blackjack house odds in your favor!

The blackjack betting trigger is a statistically determined specialized betting opportunity that gives you an advantage over the house up to an average of 11% - and sometimes even higher!

Imagine going to the casino knowing that you can to walk away a winner at Blackjack almost every time you play!

Combine this blackjack strategy with consistent basic strategy play and shift the winning odds in your favor!
It is NOT a progressive betting system, and NOT a double up or triple up system.  No card counting is required! And it is simple and easy to learn for almost anyone.

The Blackjack Betting Trigger is a weapon the Casinos fear.

It is especially effective for online casino play, and is designed to take advantage of statistically determined fixed odds.  The Strategy was developed by applying a probability formula to over 10,000,000 million simulated blackjack hands, and analyzing the results of over 200 system strategy simulation tests. This strategy works!

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The Blackjack Betting Trigger was developed by the  DoverPro,  a top developer of several statistically valid systems and strategies for gaming and betting advantage players, and a 25 year winning veteran Blackjack player.  The Blackjack Betting Trigger will give you an edge over the house, without card counting. And if you are a counter, this strategy will help conceal your counting strategy at the tables.  

The Secret to winning at Blackjack

The secret to winning at blackjack has been known for years. To win, you must increase your bet when the odds are favorable. If you just play the same bet every time, over the course of the session, the house odds will prevail, and you will not walk away a winner!  No matter how perfect your play, unless you get lucky, the house edge eats away at your chip stack. Years ago card counters knew this and used card counting to determine when to raise their bet in the most favorable circumstances. Today, casinos have changed the rules, added new ones, installed continuous shufflers, changed to multi deck games, and halted mid-shoe entry, so card counting has all but been negated. Yet there is still a way to determine when to raise your bet under favorable conditions!

It is the Blackjack Betting Trigger!

Blackjack strategy system

The Blackjack Betting Trigger is easy to use, and requires some very simple math which can be applied by almost anyone. Apply this system as you play the game and you will know exactly when to pull the Blackjack Betting Trigger and then you can  fire this powerful weapon at the casino!

Here are some comments from actual users of the Blackjack Betting Trigger:

'...worked great the first time out.  Overall, I had three out of 4 winning sessions, the last three in a row as I began to master the Trigger, it was great...' Mark C. Las Vegas, NV

'Absolutely on the money, the system worked almost every time.......and paid off!' Glenn B. Barrington, IL

'Your system worked for me, even at a table where the dealer hit soft 17, I doubled my bankroll twice now over the last few weeks' Alex K, Huntington Beach, CA

'I originally bought the book for the poker strategy, but I found the Trigger to be a lot of fun, and profitable, too' Ashley O. Wayne, MI

The Blackjack Explosion!

blackjack strategy systems Blackjack is and has been an All American pastime for over a century. The movie  '21'  has generated waves of interest in the game, and drawn in millions of new players. The online explosion has bought new players to the game in online casinos across the Internet. While Blackjack appears to be deceptively simple, it is actually a complex game with odds that strongly favor the house. And the casinos have introduced rule changes recently that raise that house edge even higher.   But you can now put those odds in your favor!

Perfectly Legal in any Land Based or Online Casino

This winning blackjack strategy system is perfectly legal in any casino. Unlike Card Counting, which can get you removed from the table, or even the casino, the Blackjack Betting Trigger is a new strategy that is legal to use and does not involve the dangers of card counting. Card counting is complicated, requires practice sessions to master, then long sessions at the table waiting for the shoe to go positive, if it ever does. The Blackjack Betting Trigger is simpler to use and will provide favorable betting opportunities far more often than card counting! 

The Blackjack Betting Trigger is virtually undetectable by the casinos!

When you apply the BlackJack Betting Trigger, it simply appears to the casino that you are having a winning streak. Of course, some casinos do not like it when you win, and win big,  and may observe your play more closely to see if you are card counting or doing something else to gain an unfair or illegal advantage over the house.  Worry not, what you are doing is perfectly legal, and like using basic strategy, perfectly fair.

Be treated like a high roller - a valued favored casino customer!

winning blackjack systemWhen you win at a casino, the casino always wants you to play more, they think that in the long run they will get their money back simply due to the house edge. They will offer you comps, inducements, meals, rooms, and even make special offers to keep you coming back! Statistically they know the house edge will prevail and you will start losing. But with the Blackjack Betting Trigger, you can continue to win session after session, and beat the house odds! Your winning streaks will not end, and the comps will keep on coming! After all, you are now a high roller!

Order this ebook now and start winning at blackjack at your very first session!

The Blackjack Betting Trigger includes special Basic Strategy Cards for single, double and multiple decks and for some of the more common rule variations. Pick the card for the game you are playing and use it along with the Blackjack Betting Trigger to rake in the chips!  Start your winning blackjack sessions now!

Full refund on the purchase price! Win or lose!

That's right, if you are not satisfied, we will refund your purchase price. Pay for the ebook using PayPal.  Use the Blackjack Betting Trigger for 30 days with play money or real money. After that, report back to us how the Trigger worked for you. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, you may request your refund. You will receive a PayPal refund payment equal to your purchase price of the Blackjack Betting Trigger ! (Note: S&H fees are not refunded, only the purchase price!)*

Of course we hope that you will be pleased with the materials in this ebook. And we also hope you will win with this strategy and not want your purchase price back! The DoverPro is absolutely confident that you will be pleased with the Blackjack Bettin Trigger. In any case, we want you also to have this confidence and our total assurance that the Blackjack Betting Trigger is all that we say it is and much, much more!

The Blackjack Betting Trigger is included with the Texas Holdem Dynamic Point Count Super Strategy, and with Calculated Craps, A Winning Betting Probability Strategy for Craps!  Order all three for one low price today!

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The Blackjack Betting Trigger from the DoverPro

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